How many times have you seen yourself in an economic hurry or unexpected? At any moment we can be presented with this situation, be it a medical emergency, remodeling of the house, want to enjoy a vacation or even decide to start a business. This is an increasingly common problem and it becomes truly stressful and frustrating.

However, to get out of this situation there are several options, either resort to personal loans , pawns or take our belongings to sell them.

The banks every day increase more the interest charged on the borrowed money and the requirements to obtain it are endless. On the other hand, it is somewhat difficult to get rid of our belongings due to the urgency of money, likewise, when resorting to loans many times they give less value to our belongings than they really have, so when resorting to personal loans it is necessary to know well Who will be your lender, verify that you have the necessary experience and procedures run with all possible transparency, coupled with this if you also provide security and confidence, much better.

In Mexico the number of people who lose their belongings or end up duped in large debts of which they have no idea at what point their debt increased exorbitantly is growing in a worrying way and this is largely due to the fact that the lenders are not clear nor transparent with their borrowers at the time of contracting and then have many conditions and clauses that do not expose.

In Romeo we have thought about this problem and we offer you an option with enough benefits, you can borrow up to 60% of the value of your car.

However, many auto lenders charge high interest rates, ask for many requirements to authorize your loan, or hold your car in the period of time in which you settle the debt. In Romeo this does not happen, we make personal loans on your car, without that long list of requirements, without endorsement and without checking the credit bureau, besides we give you your money in less than 24 hours, since many other institutions take a long time in giving you the green light so they can give you the money for your loan, we know that sometimes you require a loan because you need the cash urgently and we do not want to make you wait any longer or hinder your plans.

Another of the great advantages of our services is that once we have granted you the loan based on your car, you can continue using it. In addition to this, you will not need to move to the lender’s offices and wait to be attended, because if you want, we go to your home making the process even easier and faster.

When you decide to apply for a personal loan in which your car will be your endorsement, it is important to say that you are looking for a serious company, in which you can feel safe depositing your vehicle in your hands, with us you can feel safe, as we have the necessary experience and the professionalism that characterizes us.

Now, what aspects should you have in mind when applying for personal loans ?

Now, what aspects should you have in mind when applying for personal loans ?

You must know well the institution that will serve as your lender, necessary requirements to carry out the procedure, if your institution requires a guarantee you will have to give the task of searching among your family and friends the person (s) that agree to play the role of endorsement so that you can get your loan, this is usually cumbersome because many people run away from the idea of ​​being a surety of a borrower since they run the risk of having to respond to the debt of which they were collateral in case the person who requested it does not do so. To prevent you from going through this situation, in Romeo we do not require any endorsement, nor does it require verification of the credit bureau.

On the other hand, make sure you choose the term in which you will settle your debt, review your finances and have realistic projections of what terms will be best for you so that they do not become a headache or bring you more financial problems because of not being able to pay them and generate more interest.

One of the main problems of people who end up getting into debt with giant figures is that they did not adequately perform their financial planning regarding the payment of the loan they requested and end up paying interest on interest and increasing their debt to the point where it becomes unpayable for they. Likewise, you must be careful in requesting an amount that is feasible to pay for you, many people request large amounts that are difficult to pay, and you should consider that the greater the loan, the greater your interest.

Many people still stop to ask for a personal loan

Many people still stop to ask for a personal loan

Due to the regrettable experiences of people who lost their assets or had to pay huge amounts for a small loan, however nowadays there are no longer just banks, now you have Romeo where you can be assured that we are experts in personal loans , we work with professionalism and total transparency so you do not take surprises and feel the confidence and security that you are depositing your car in the hands of a serious company, which also cares about everything that the other credit institutions have not done, we allow you to continue making use of your vehicle and we go to your home to carry out the procedures, making the solution to your problems easier and faster.