The credit bureau; the Mexican company in which it is feared to generate negative histories, since the institution is dedicated to document the background of loans, loans and financing that we request from various companies engaged in this, be it banks, pawnshops, moneylenders, among others. So if previously not all the debt generated was covered, despite the fact that due to the conditions of the banking institutions, it has become an exorbitant amount and totally disproportionate to the actual loan obtained, the bad record in the bureau provokes It is extremely difficult to get back some kind of economic financing or loan.

In Sally Bowles , however, he makes loans in Monterrey without a bureau, providing up to two hundred and fifty thousand pesos (250,000), that is to say; You are lent money regardless of the history you have in the credit bureau, since we do not review it.

The loan without a bureau that is provided to you is through your car


That is, an appraisal is made to verify the value of this, and depending on it and how much capital you need, you are provided up to sixty. percent (60%) of the value of your car. However, you do not have to leave your car in jeopardy, you will not have to see yourself in the need to worry about being in a safe and trustworthy place and if you receive proper maintenance. That is, you can continue to use it, since we do not collect it, only the papers of the car, they stay in Sally Bowles , but not the vehicle. For what is a loan in Monterrey without a bureau , ideal for people who have some “stain on their credit history

In addition to granting you a loan in Monterrey without a bureau , you also need to request a guarantee to make your loan, so you do not need to get a person who is willing to cover your financing, which is a benefit with what is intended. facilitate the obtaining of your loan, because it is complicated and often delayed to get an endorsement, since the people who accept to be guarantors of others, run the risk that in case that the loan is made, they do not complete the total of your loan or do not meet any condition regarding it; the endorsement will have to be jointly responsible for the person to whom the loan was conceived, and in case of not doing it, it could be negatively enlisted to the credit bureau, so to avoid running such risks people hardly accept being a guarantor. of other. Because of this, in Sally Bowles , we have facilitated things by not asking for a backup person as a requirement, since the guarantee that is requested from the loan is the car itself.

Getting loans without bureau or endorsement is a difficult task


And even more if they are immediate loans since it will be granted in a period of 12 to 24 hours.

To apply for the loan in Monterrey without a bureau, the process is very simple:

  • Contact us to make a visit to your home or in our offices located in Monterrey, Nuevo León, this in order to check your car and check the documentation of this. We do this to make sure everything is in order.
  • The value of the vehicle is then determined, in order to know how much the loan will be made.
  • After knowing the value that will be provided, the customer chooses one of the two payment systems offered:
  • Fixed payments: In which the entire loan is paid in precise amounts in a period ranging from 12 to 24 months.
  • Traditional: The payment of interest will start to be paid monthly and once payment has been completed, the capital that was lent in a maximum period of 6 months will start to be paid. However, you have the option to renew if you can not finish paying within the time limit.
  • Once the client has reviewed the conditions and considers that he can comply with them and agrees to do so, he gives copies of the documentation of the car and a regulatory investigation of these is carried out, to make sure that they are authentic and that everything is in place. order.
  • When it was corroborated that everything is in order, a second appointment is scheduled, either at the home of the loan applicant or at our offices. In order to install a Geolocator in the vehicle, the contract is signed and the money is transferred by check or through a bank transfer.

This process to obtain the loan in Monterrey without a bureau is quick and simple, so it is done within a 24-hour time limit, starting with the first appointment made.

Some of the values ​​we have in Sally Bowles are professionalism, trust and privacy that we provide to our clients. As the company is not responsible for investigating the purpose of the requested loan, it will not be investigated or made to verify that the money was used for the cause that was reported, it can be freely available, whether it is needed for an emergency personal, a trip, vacation, for construction, expansion or modification of housing, business or any construction, or simply to have more economic liquidity.