Loans 4 Players is an unusual offer among non-bank cash loan forms, addressed mainly to a group of players. You are interested in gaming and you probably know how much good computer equipment costs, thanks to which you will play many impressive online campaigns. An installment loan in the amount of USD 800-15000, you can use not only for your passion, but also for any other purpose. We write more about player loan details below.

Who is the Loans 4 Players offer addressed to?

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Loans 4 Players loan stands out on the non-bank loans market mainly because it is addressed to a narrow group of computer game lovers, although in practice not only. The offer of the loan company IPF Polska Sp. z o. o., operating under the popular brands Provident and Hapi Loans, guarantees high quality customer service.

Who can apply for a player loan? Everyone, not only passionate about computer games. Everyone who is 18 years or older has a bank account, mobile phone, e-mail address and fixed monthly income. Loans 4 Players honors revenues from pensions, pensions, employment contracts, business operations and civil law contracts. In addition, it is important to have Polish citizenship and home address in Poland, which is verified at the level of the loan application.

Advantages and disadvantages of Loans 4 Players

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The offer for players is only installment loans, which unfortunately does not give the option of free payday pay, as is the case with most non-banking companies. And the costs in the form of considerable JCOR and additional costs, such as commission, are the main disadvantage of this rather expensive installment loan offer. What is equally important, given the drawbacks, are the additional, doubled costs of loans not repaid within a specified period or delays in repayment. Loans 4 Players reserves the right to charge twice the statutory interest for delay, for example at a rate of 14% in addition.

The advantages of a loan for players are a great chance for positive verification of the application and the opportunity to receive considerable cash, even up to USD 15,000. What’s more, thanks to constant monthly income, it is much easier to maintain financial liquidity by paying back the loan in installments, even for a period of 3 years. A plus for borrowers is a quick and convenient loan online.

Loans 4 Players reviews

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To sum up and answer the question – what is a loan for players, under the popular Loans 4 Players brand – it’s just a typical payday installment. And the only thing that makes it stand out on the financial market is the marketing strategy and focus on the narrow, target group of computer game lovers. This does not change the fact that it can be obtained by any adult who meets the other conditions of the Lender. And like any installment loan, this is not a cheap offer. Therefore, when choosing a non-bank payday installment, it is worth guided not only by passion for gaming, but above all by calculating its profitability and the opinions of other Borrowers.